General Duty Safety Switch model GF221NRU is a quick-break operating mechanism that delivers positive operation with 240V, single phase and 3 wire suitable for use as service entrance equipment.

General Duty fusible safety switch is recommended for use with 240V AC or less supply circuits where the fault current is less than 100,000A when used with Class R or T fuses or 10,000A max when used with Class H fuses.

• Quick-make and break switching action
• Double break visible blade design
• Highly visible ON/OFF indication
• Highly visible on/off indication
• Visible blade, double-break switch action
• Generous wiring gutters that meet or exceed NEC wire-bending space requirements
• Side-hinged door that opens 180˚ for easier wiring
• Single cover interlock
• Unique enclosure design that adds rigidity and strength, its rolled edge prevents cuts and scrapes to conductors and to installer’s hands
NEMA type 3R: enclosure is intended for outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against falling rain and sleet and must remain undamaged by the formation or ice on the enclosure; they are not intended to provide protection against conditions such as dust, internal condensation, or internal icing.

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Standards and Ratings
• UL Listed under file #E4776
• Meets UL98 for switches and UL50 for enclosures
• Meets NEMA Standard KS-1 for enclosed switches
• Meets NEC wire bending space requirements
• Rated 10,000 AIC with Class H and plug fuses or 100,000 AIC with Class R fuses

General Duty GF221NRU safety switch is available in stores at the retail price of $47.