Honda EU3000iS Gasoline Inverter Generator is 3,000-Watt 120V super quiet generator with electric start used for camping, RVs, furnace, fridge, microwave, as stable power for computers and home backup.

Honda Gasoline Inverter Generator EU3000iS is fuel efficient with power capable of up to 20 hrs. with only one tankful of gasoline (3.4 gal of gas).

Full Features:

Engine Honda – GX200
Displacement – 196cc
AC Output – 120V 3000W max.(25A) 2800W rated (23.3A)
Receptacles – 20A 125V Duplex, 30A 125V Locking Plug
DC Output – 12V, 144W (12A)
Starting System – Recoil, electric
Fuel Tank Capacity – 3.4 gal.
Run Time per Tankful – 7.1 hrs. @ rated load, 20 hrs. @ 1/4 load
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 25.9″ x 17.6″ x 22.0″
Noise Level – 58 dB(A) @ rated load, 49 dB(A) @ 1/4 load
Dry Weight – 131 lbs.
Residential Warranty – 3 Years
Commercial Warranty – 3 Yearse

– So quiet, your neighbors will thank you; the EU3000is operates at 49 to 58 dB (A), which is less noise than a normal conversation; this makes it ideal for camping, RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation
– Advanced inverter technology – reliable power for computers and other sensitive equipment: Honda’s inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package; the precision of Honda’s inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home
– Fuel efficient runs up to 20 hours on 3.4 Gal. of fuel: thanks to our exclusive eco-throttle, the EU3000 is offers great fuel efficiency, it runs 7.2 to 20 hours on a single tank, depending on the load, this makes it great for overnight power
– Protected by oil alert: this protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected
– DC outlet for use when charging 12-Volt automotive type batteries, this requires an optional charging cord, (12-Volt – 8.0 Amp unregulated)

The Honda Gasoline Inverter Generator EU3000iS is available in stores at the retail price of $2000.


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