Power Bright 12-Volt DC to AC 2300 Watt power inverter model PW2300-12 features overload indicator, anodized aluminum case for durability and max heat dissipation, a cooling fan built.

Power Bright power inverter PW2300-12 has digital LED display with input DC voltage or output wattage and cordless remote control (as optional).


Continued Power 2300W
Peak Load Power Rate < 4600W
Input DC Voltage Range 10-15.5V
No Load Current Draw < 0.45A
Output Frequency Range 60 +/- 3Hz
Output Voltage Range 117 +/- 10%
Max Power Efficiency > 90%
Max Outer Temperature < 65 C
Low Voltage Alarm Level 11 +/- 0.5V
High Voltage Cut Off Level 15.5 +/- 1V
Short Protect Yes
Low Voltage Cut Off Level 10 +/- 0.5V
Dimension (LxWxH) in 13.78 x 10.24 x 3.46
Overload Protect Yes
Input Voltage DC 12V
Weight 14.5 lbs

Buy Power Bright PW2300-12 2300-Watt Power Inverter

Front Panel PW1500-12 / PW2300-12
A. Digital Display for DC Volts or AC Watts.
B. Display Selector Switch – DC Volts or AC Watts.
C. Overload LED Indicator. If continuous power draw of appliance(s) exceeds
1500 watts / 2300 watts, this light will turn ORANGE/RED and the inverter
will automatically shut down. When this occurs, turn off the inverter and
determine the cause of the overload before turning the inverter and the
appliance back on.
D. ON/OFF Switch. Turns the inverter circuits ON and OFF.
E. Two standard North American AC outlets, each rated at 15 Amps

Rear Panel PW1500-12 / PW2300-12
F. High-Speed Cooling Fans. When the temperature inside the inverter
exceeds a preset limit, the Cooling Fan automatically turns on to cool the
inverter. When the temperature reduces, the fan turns off.
G. Ground Terminal
H. Negative Power Input Terminal.
I. Positive Power Input Terminal.

Check owner’s manual for more informations. Power Bright 2300W power inverter is available in stores at the retail price of $195.


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